Tips for Boost Sexual Stamina - Best Way to Increase Sex Stamina

It is not bad at all to talk over the Sex issues. In my daily routine patient interactions, I found people have less interest in SEX or they are not fully aware of the tips which are helpful in increasing the sexual stamina. I usually get the queries on how to boost the sexual power or sex stamina. It is in your mind only to retain erection power for long hours. Here are some tips to follow:-

1. Stretching:- Do perform regular stretching as it will make you prompt while doing sex. I have heard people feeling pain in groin or arms while doing intercourse with the partner. You need to strengthen the upper body, abdominal part and groin part so as to stay longer in intercourse activity. Normal people have fewer tendencies so better to perform stretching daily to be active in the bed. Having a weight will not affect your function if you have great flexibility in your body. Keep your arm, abdominal and groin muscle strong enough not to get tired so fast.

2. Say no to Drugs:- Modernity does not mean taking alcohol or smoking all the time. Boozing may be a part of the fun for you but this may cause damage to your sex hormone levels. People intake beer to gain weight or for glow purposes, but it may have the adverse effect on your sexual stamina. So control smoking or drinking.

3. Concentrate:- It is your bedtime, not your work time or Entertainment time. If you are involved in Sex, be fully involved as the partial distraction may create erection problems or you may not be long lasting in a bed. Stay focused on lovemaking, leave worries or start with love conversation with no complaints. Respect each other’s feeling and do not force for blow jobs if your partner is not comfortable with it.

4. Do not make a quick:- Take a deep breath, start with the foreplay, never be in hurry. Do not take it as a routine activity; in fact, it is a mood refresher. Hurry sexual activity will not make your partner arouse and you will not be able to enjoy probably. Start with Hugging and kissing, get fully involved and take your own time. More the sexual time is, more you will be active & healthy.

5. Change Masturbation Habits:- People are advised not to indulge in masturbation too much as it is going to affect your sexual stamina. Know your exact power and keep the same stamina, tightness while performing natural sex with the partner.

6. Read Mind of your partner:- you are not alone doing sex, keep engaged your partner. Check her mind, check her desires what she is willing to do and how, make her comfortable, and then start. You may start your sex activity with a bath together under a shower or with a candlelight dinner. Surprises and happy minds are better enough to make you rejuvenate.

7. Bye Bye Stress:- partners working together talk about the office work all the time, even at home. Say bye to stress and depression as it is just causing hindrance in your routine life. Be mentally healthy and be positive before going to bed.

8. Try new methods:- if one way is not working, doesn’t mean, others will not work. Make a research, try new poses and go for the new one. You never know, when the miracle happens.

Happy & healthy life is key sole for happy sexual life. Give preference to healthy diets and hygienic food as it will indirectly going to benefit you in any way. Every people do not have same atmosphere or same heredity, one may consult to Gautam Clinic Pvt Ltd if you find inefficiency while doing sex with the partner.

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